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We blend truly innovative search and selection strategies with over 20 years of industry expertise, to create a unique experience for those we partner with. Our team members have worked throughout the retail and fashion industry and we champion the impact that great talent has at every level.

We ourselves have been part of dynamic changes within our industry and apply a breadth of perspective to addressing the market landscape that will help define business in the future. We consciously engage in qualitative D & I practice addressing needs that, while highlighted in the contemporary world, have always existed. We are dedicated to driving progress today and into the future.

Creating outstanding relationships is a responsibility, one we take to heart. Clients and candidates alike come to us when they want results achieved through a collaborative, creative and intelligent process. We believe in transparency and act with integrity because we care about outcomes for the people we work with, and the industry we are building together.

We innovate at every level.

We innovate at every level. In supporting the best global emerging fashion and luxury brands, we recruit across all C-suite positions and through senior level to mid-management, including:

  • CEO and regional presidents
  • CFO and finance teams
  • Creative Directors and all design teams
  • CMO and communication teams
  • Digital Transformation Officer and digital teams
  • Chief Merchandising Officer, buying and merchandising teams
  • Visual directors
  • Store planners
  • All Retail and Ops positions

Our extensive network and forward-thinking search strategies yield a broad pool of diverse candidates from around the world. We place value on flexibility and mobility, and we welcome opportunities to enable the traversing of borders for unique collaborations.

We build great relationships.

Our deep industry experience and far-reaching network equips us to deliver nimble, thorough and transparent solutions for our clients. We build relationships that meaningfully contribute to the long-term success of businesses and livelihoods.

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Short term contracts are becoming more appealing to both businesses and people. We want to allow talented executives and management to connect to the best brands in the world without the ususal ties.

We offer a members only, confidential area where great like-minded people can connect with the security that JDF has relationships with both parties.

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Our members programme.

Having recognised the need for change in our industry and the appeal of interim and short-term contracts, we have created the opportunity for talented executives and management to connect, without ties, to the best brands in the world.

Our member-only offering enables like-minded people to connect with confidence, knowing that JDF Network has personally met and established relationships with all parties.

Reach out to us to discuss our membership platform.

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Connect to specialist skills and networks


Connect to new opportunities


Our partnership initiative.

“Do you know someone who…?”

We enable partnerships between forward-thinking businesses to create opportunities for collaboration, innovation and growth. We’re proud of our programme’s proven value to our clients. We currently work across a multitude of areas including architects, PR, Marketing, communication packaging, community networks and more.

Case study: A copywriter with experience creating content for emerging retail brands is seeking a fresh challenge. An established brand wants to communicate their values and vision across their existing marketing channels in a new way. Partnerships provides them both with an exciting opportunity.

Reach out to discover how our network could energise your business.

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