Personal luxury recruitment with a global network.

Bringing together the world’s most renowned brands with the world’s most remarkable talent.

We connect
exceptional people

We’re invested in ensuring successful futures for our clients and candidates. Our mission is to forge and nurture enduring partnerships between the most prestigious legacy and emergent brands, and the most energetic talent.

Drawing on a deep-rooted network formed over decades, we place people in impactful roles across the luxury, fashion, lifestyle, and beauty industries.


For over 20 years we’ve worked closely with the luxury brands that shape our world, articulate our dreams, and define the future.

Luxury, fashion, lifestyle and beauty


We support every level across Board, C-Suite and Management,
with a bespoke search for each role we seek to fill.


Insider knowledge and insight

We’ve worked within the luxury industry for decades and intimately understand its internal dynamics. We draw on that depth of perspective to map out the current market landscape and anticipate its evolution.


Innovation at every level

We deploy digital tools and innovative search & selection strategies to drive transformative hires for both legacy and emergent brands around the world, across C-suite, senior and middle management roles.


Impact that endures

We pair progressive brands with promising talent to deliver both immediate wins and sustained success. We build long-lasting relationships that are rooted in trust, mutual growth, creative chemistry, and tangible impact.


Instincts that drive success

We know the work because we’ve done the work. We understand the differences between brands and across job specs. We know deep in our bones what’s needed to grow both companies and careers.


We come from the world of luxury and, as a result, we recognise and relish the impact great talent can make at every level.

Our dedication informs everything we do. We see it as our responsibility to forge outstanding relationships that will lead to remarkable outcomes, because we are utterly invested in this industry and attuned to its future evolution.

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