Student loan and postgraduate mortgage repayment guidelines for employers

Student loan and postgraduate mortgage repayment guidelines for employers

Come across guidance on generating people’ student loan and postgraduate debt (PGL) discount in different conditions.

Strategy and funding kinds and thresholds

With results from April 2020, the thresholds for making student loan breaks are actually:

Workforce repay 9per cent of this quantity the two build along the threshold for Plan 1 and 2.

Staff payback 6per cent for the levels they secure around limit for PGL .

Creating education loan and PGL write-offs, checking organize and loan type

  • the new employee’s P45 series write-offs should proceed – pose a question to your staff to ensure their arrange and loan kinds
  • the new staff notifys you they’re repaying a student loan – pose a question to your employees to confirm their unique structure and mortgage sort
  • your personnel fills in a beginner record featuring obtained a student-based loan – the record should say which prepare kind and mortgage type to make use of, whether your worker keeps both strategy type 1 and 2, request they confer with students loan company the proper approach means to take deductions under or, default to approach type 1 until you see a student loan beginning feel SL1 that HMRC supplies you with
  • HMRC sends you make SL1 ‘Start discover’ – that will likely tell you which plan means to make use of
  • HMRC sends you means PGL1 ‘Start observe’ – this may reveal they offer a PGL
  • you obtain a Generic Notification services student loan and, or PGL reminder – pose a question to your worker to confirm his or her program and loan sort